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We are a “non-profit” book review website covering a range of subjects within the broad scope of natural history with an emphasis on bio-indicators of environmental health, conservation and identification of fauna & flora; including birds, mammals, butterflies (Lepidoptera), damselflies & dragonflies (Odonata), primates, wild orchids, climbing plants, gingers, wild flowers of Asia and continental Africa, native plants of tropical America, carnivorous plants, regional fauna and flora treatments among others.

We have also installed a small rare and or out of print book section where a number of titles under that heading can be found for sale. Plus coming shortly, some very collectable, historical Philatelic material will also be available, all proceeds from which will go into research projects (see below).

We look forward to supplying you with free book reviews and selected quality books on various subjects of natural history. All proceeds from the sales of our books will go back into funding further research of fauna & flora.

How and Why We Got Started

Diphlebia-coerulescens-9598There has long been a need for an easy access book review website dedicated to subjects within conservation and natural history. Most book reviews are published in often expensive magazines or periodicals and may not always be readily available to the general public. Therefore those potentially interested to learn or read more about a particular subject may not know of the existence of other published books of interest. So here anyone can read reviews of selected books within the broad scope of natural history, with an emphasis on fauna & flora themselves such as wild orchids, gingers etc. and also the visual use of some fauna as bio-indicators (of environmental health) such as birds, turtles, frogs, butterflies, damsel and dragonflies and indeed the conservation of all fauna and flora.

We are further planning to release some of our own titles shortly, all of the proceeds from which will go back toward funding desperately needed field research. Governments all around the world are cutting huge chunks out of annual budgets from most botanical and other scientific institutions. This has come at a time in our planets history where we are discovering more new species of fauna and flora at a rate not seen before. We are also at a point where we are destroying our planets forests and natural resources at a speed not previously witnessed.

The safe future of our environment for generations to come is our priority, hence why we chose to establish a non-profit publishing enterprise as a means to raise funds to assist further scientific exploration and field research of fauna and flora and other conservation projects. The proceeds we can raise through donations and generated from book sales here will be pooled for the above mentioned research purposes and to go towards our main goal the construction of a planned botanical eco sanctuary in South East Asia. In due course it is hoped our enterprise will generate enough funds to the point where we can consider funding and or supporting other worthy conservation or research projects; such as “Save the Tasmanian Devil Fund” in Australia; but more so, conservation projects in third world areas of Africa, Asia and Tropical America which we may be able to support as sister projects in the future, we are already looking into some of these projects.

It is the principal of our company policy to encourage and implement education for the general public where ever it is possible to do so. The most efficient method available to accomplish this is to bring to readers attentions (free of charge book reviews) new quality published book titles and through direct education via academic eco-nature tours; further the publishing of our own titles of original content where the proceeds will go back into the above mentioned projects and to promote public awareness about general public research programs conducted in collaboration with bonafide institutions, such as; http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/and websites such as www.getup.org.au where partitions are posted for different causes many of them environmental, and you can sign to register you vote to support worthy conservation projects and or to oppose potentially destructive to our environment commercial developments.

Why We Are Going Automated

The problem with many charitable enterprises, and with all sincere due respect to all well-meaning charities, a great deal of the money raised gets lost in administrative costs and quite a bit less actually ends up at the donors desired destination. To help cut out those costs, we have decided to have our own titles distributed thru Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Of course, we have to pay for this service, but overall it will reduce our running costs by some 50% and allow us to reach a potentially far wider audience to promote our cause which of course means we will have more funds to put back into worthy conservation and research projects. We are all for creating employment, especially in third world countries. But at this early stage it is better we concentrate on getting raised funds into projects that need to move forward. It is hoped enough funds will be raised in due course where we can build the planned botanical eco sanctuary mentioned above (under “How and Why We Got Started”). Where within, besides fauna and flora conservation projects, will be an education centre promoting among other strategies, the benefits to local people of conserving forest for eco-tourism, a long term stable form of employment which also conserves forests (and all fauna & flora within) without destroying them for otherwise commercial gain, usually coerced by greedy corporations and lesser so by the starving local people.

“Eco-Tourism” can change the lives of these local people on all continents from Asia to Tropical America to Africa. Not only will educating the local people teach them the benefits of jungle and forest conservation it means the forests themselves will also be protected. As once the local people realize by conserving and looking after the forest (also their natural history and culture) will create stable long term employment for generations to come, they will of course protect their livelihood and nurture and encourage it to grow. This too would add to combat poaching, an ugly and illegal trade devastating many animal species. Again the local people will realise, the more wildlife and intact forest and jungle they have to show their international guests on eco tours, the better off their families will be well into the future; and you can be sure they will not tolerate any poachers violating the welfare of the local families and their future generations or indeed to destroy their local natural history and culture.

So, as you can see, this approach we are taking we believe will contribute to a greater benefit to all parties concerned, especially the often poor local people and the future longevity of the forests and jungles themselves and all fauna and flora within.

Privacy Policy

It is our policy that we do not and will not sell, share or give away any data or personal details of our friends and clientele under any circumstances. We do not use covert tracking cookies or any other cookies or spy mechanisms of any kind. We completely appreciate and respect our friends and clients’ needs for privacy and we guarantee 101% any and all personal detail and data of any kind will never be disclosed to any other person or third parties in any way shape or form.