Reviews of Regional Treatments of Flora Books

Ferns-of-Kinabalu guide-gingers-of-borneo bulbophyllum-of-sulawesi T
Ferns of Kinabalu – An Introduction
By John H. Beaman & Peter J. Edwards – (2007)
A Guide to Gingers of Borneo
By Anthony Lamb, Januarius Gobilik, Marlina Ardiyani & Alex Dalberg Poulsen – (2013)
Bulbophyllum of Sulawsesi
By Jaap Vermeulen and
Peter O’Byrne (2011)
The Orchids Of Mount Kinabalu
By J.J. Wood, T. E. Beaman, A. Lamb, C. Chew Lun and J. H. Beaman (2011)
orchids-of-vanuatu orchids-of-myanmar The-Rhododendrons-of-Sabah-Malaysian-Borneo orchid-flora-of-greater-antillies
Orchids of Vanuatu.
By B. Lewis & P. Cribb – (1989)
A Guide to Orchids of Myanmar
By Hubert Kurzweil & Saw Lwin – (2014)
The Rhododendrons of Sabah Malaysian Borneo (2007)
By George Argent, Anthony Lamb & Anthea Phillipps – (2007)
Orchid Flora of the Greater Antilles
By James D. Ackerman and Collaborators – (2014)