Reviews on General Plant Books

Ferns-of-Kinabalu rafflesia-of-the-world guide-gingers-of-borneo The-Rhododendrons-of-Sabah-Malaysian-Borneo
Ferns of Kinabalu – An Introduction
By John H. Beaman & Peter J. Edwards – (2007)
Rafflesia of the World
By Jamili Nais – (2001)
A Guide to Gingers of Borneo
By Anthony Lamb, Januarius Gobilik, Marlina Ardiyani & Alex Dalberg Poulsen – (2013)
The Rhododendrons of Sabah Malaysian Borneo
By George Argent, Anthony Lamb & Anthea Phillipps – (2007)
Etlingera of Borneo
By Alex Dalberg Poulsen – (2006)