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A Revision of The Antelope and “Latourea” Dendrobiums

P.J. Cribb (1986)
Soft Cover
(Very Rare – out of print)

We have 1 brand new copy of this still essential and only sound revision of these two very interesting and attractive groups of Dendrobium orchids.

This is still the only decent revision to be published on this group worth paying attention to.
One brand new copy


Plus Postage and packing
AUD$10.00 within Australia
AUD$20.00 International


Gongorana Infrageneric Review of the Genus Gongora (Orchidaceae).

Rod Rice
Soft Cover – New:

A complete infrageneric revision of the genus with several new subgenera and sections established including the description of one new species from Colombia. Many lines drawings and colour photographs of a wide range of rare species are included.

Further a complete and detailed text description with line drawings and colour photos are provided of the real Gongora quinqunervis which is never yellow with red or brown markings!

This is Out of Print and we have 6 brand new copies.
AUD$35.00 each

Plus Postage and packing
AUD$10 within Australia
AUD$18.00 International


 Huntleyas and Related Orchids

Patricia A. Harding
Hard Cover – New

Very informative book covering cultivation and the genera and species of this interesting group of orchids enhanced with many beautiful colour photographs.

2 copies only
AUD$45.00 each

Plus Postage and packing
AUD$12 within Australia
AUD$20.00 International