Checklist of Papuasian Orchids

Paul Ormerod

English text; 494 pages; soft cover. A4 size. ISBN 978-0-9876206-0-6

This is the most comprehensive account to date of all Papua New Guineas wild orchids and will no doubt prove to be the essential reference to PNG’s orchids for all botanists, ecologists and orchid enthusiasts for decades to come. All types and relevant data including where published are listed and the herbariums where they are kept.

All synonymous names, where published and their types and the herbarium/s where kept and other relevant data are also listed. 35 new species and subspecies are also described for the first time accompanied by technical illustrations. A further 25 new scientific combinations are also proposed along with the establishment of new infrageneric classifications in the genera Chiloschista, Corybas, Crepidum, Grammatophyllum, Oberonia, Styloglossum & Taeniophyllum.