A Miscellany of Interesting Flora & Fauna for Joyce

Rod Rice

Soft Cover; English text, 146 pages with hundreds of colour photos.
ISBN 978-0-9876206-3-7

This book, a compilation of some of the worlds most interesting and rarest flora and fauna, was compiled by the author to celebrate his Grandmothers 100th birthday. Within the flora chapter the plant groups consist of wild orchids, aquatic & bog plants, soft wooded perennials, trees, shrubs, climbing & trailing plants and selection of miscellaneous interest plants. Following the flora chapter it is accompanied by a range of charismatic and rare fauna groups inclusive of mammals,  dragonflies, frogs, birds and turtles. All accompanied by hundreds of colour photos and text data.

For both main chapters i.e. the flora and or fauna, each species has its botanical or zoological name followed by a common English name and the plant family name in brackets, along with data on culture and countries of distribution, habitat altitude etc. For the fauna along with their zoological and common English name, text is provided on distribution, habitat, diet, status of endangerment etc. All species are accompanied by colour photographs, including are and new species of Hoya and numerous wild orchids and faunistic wise some very rare shots of not previously recorded feeding activities of Cynocephalus variegatus or also known as the ‘Flying Lemur’.