Dragonflies & Damselflies – New Books

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Field Guide to the Damselflies of New Guinea

Vincent Kalkman & Albert Orr
Illustrated by Albert Orr (2013).

Soft Cover – New:

This excellent book had a very limited print run and may already be close to if not out of print.

Very Rare – we have 5 brand new copies autographed by co author and illustrator Bert Orr with the “2013 Whitley Medal Winner Award” on the inside of front cover.

AUD$55.00 each
Postage within Australia. AUD$10.00
Postage international AUD$18.00


Atlas Of The Dragonflies Of Thailand

Matti Hamalainen & Bro. Amnuay Pinratana

Out of Print and Very Rare
Hard Cover – New

We have 1 new copy.

Plus Postage and packing

AUD$15.00 within Australia.

International AUD$28.00